Experience a Musical Way of Life at Southern Music Centre

At Southern Music Centre, we believe that you were born to make music. The passion for creativity and joyful noise is inherent within all humanity, but for some people, it takes a little longer to dig up. We strive to stand out among the music stores in South Australia, and we achieve this through quality instruments, friendly staff, and exceptional lessons. Read below to discover more of what sets us apart.

About Southern Music Centre’s Guarantee

You should know what to expect before you visit Southern Music Centre in Adelaide. Here are several parts of our business you’ll see:

  • We play host to a broad selection of top-quality brands. While you browse our store (either in person or online), you’ll see famous brands such as Fender, Ibanez, Cole Clark, PRS, MXR, TC Electronics, Schecter, and Kala.
  • You’ll also have an opportunity to take lessons with highly-experienced musicians. Gain the benefit of their years of study and practice with their instruments. You can learn amazing techniques and practice methods that will significantly improve your musical performance.
  • Our store is home to a breadth of accessories. You can find amps for guitar, bass, and acoustic instruments. You’ll also see numerous FX options, such as distortion pedals, loopers, wah pedals, vocal FX, and footswitches.

About the Staff at Southern Music Centre

As wonderful as our products are, what truly sets us apart is our staff. We’re proud of the team we’ve developed over the years, and these are just several qualities they have:

  • Passion - The staff at Southern Music in Adelaide is united by a shared passion for making music. We love learning new things, trying out newly-designed instruments from trustworthy brands, and helping others discover their musical talents. We work diligently to make music accessible to everyone, so you can easily benefit from the passion that drives us.
  • Knowledge - When you spend years playing every kind of instrument, you get to learn a thing or two about music. Our staff is happy to discuss the finer points of music theory just as easily as the latest pop music release. We’re also pleased to share what we know about each brand and model of instrument. If you let us know your experience and interest level, we’ll guide you to an instrument that suits your needs for today and tomorrow.
  • Courtesy - While the stereotype of the eccentric genius doesn’t seem very inviting, our staff set those concerns to rest with their friendly, enthusiastic welcome. Nevertheless, they are just as brilliant as anyone can get when it comes to musical instruments, and their passion drives them to share what they know rather than keep it to themselves.

History of Southern Music Centre

Southern Music Centre has been serving South Australia for over 40 years. While management has changed over time, our commitment to quality and ensuring that Australians continue to make beautiful music has remained consistent. We still offer exceptional lessons, carry impressive instruments, and provide a friendly, welcoming experience. Contact us today to learn more and become part of our ongoing heritage of music.