Looking for Music Stores in Adelaide? Choose Southern Music Centre

Are you looking for music stores in Adelaide, whether as a spot to find pedals and other accessories for your guitar or to buy your first musical instrument? At Southern Music Centre, we can provide the kind of experience you are seeking. With an experienced staff of passionate musicians and music lovers, we are here to guide you through the process of buying instruments or essential instrument accessories.

Why a Customer Should Use Music Stores in Adelaide

These days, it’s easy to shop for musical instruments online. Southern Music Centre even has an online store, where you can explore, shop and buy our stock on the web. However, buying a guitar, a bass, a mandolin or any other instrument can be intricate without some of the perks and services that music shops like ours offer. These include:

  • The opportunity to play instruments before you buy: Especially if you are shopping for your first instrument, nothing compares to coming into a shop to browse the wares and try playing a few guitars or keyboards. In many segments of the retail industry, the hands-on shopping experience is not essential, which is part of the reason online shopping is so popular among such a large portion of the population. For musical instruments or accessories, though, there’s still no substitute for holding the thing in your hands and getting a sense for the sound it makes.
  • An experienced, musically-inclined staff: One of the best things about Southern Music Centre—and other music instrument stores in Adelaide—is the sheer level of knowledge they contain. Our staff is made up of experienced and knowledgeable musicians. We know the different brands of instruments and what they offer in terms of sound, durability, look and price. We know which effects pedals can help you achieve certain sounds with your guitar. We know which amps are the best match with your instrument. No matter what you are looking for, our staff can point you in the right direction.

Of course, if you decide to shop online, we’re still there to help! Just give us a call, and one of our staff members will answer any questions you have. Even for online shoppers, we are dedicated to delivering the experience you’d find at a guitar shop in Adelaide.

About the Staff at Southern Music Centre

The lifeblood of music shops in Adelaide is their staff, and as mentioned above, we take great pride in ours. Here are a few of the things that make our team fantastic:

  • They are musicians and teachers: In addition to playing music on their own and understanding the nuances of our instrument selection, our employees are also teachers. We operate the Southern Academy of Music out of our store, offering private lessons for drums, guitars and keyboard.
  • They are passionate about different types of music: What kind of music do you love? Regardless of whether its blues, metal, pop or rock ‘n’ roll you will find your kindred spirits at Southern Music Centre.
  • They care about our customers: Our employees care deeply about our customers and will go out of their way to help you find the right instrument or accessory.

About Southern Music Centre

If you have been looking for music stores in Adelaide, look no further than Southern Music Centre. Among guitar stores in Adelaide, our business is one of the longest-running, with 40 years of operation and counting. We love music and are dedicated to preserving the in-person instrument shopping experience. Contact us today to learn more.