Guitar Picks in Australia: Shop Southern Music Centre for Accessories

Next time you are shopping for guitar picks in Australia, or for other essential guitar accessories, look no further than Southern Music Centre. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, we can help you keep your guitar sounding like a million dollars.

Fast Facts about Southern Music Centre

Why trust Southern Music Centre for your guitar accessory needs? Here are a few reasons to count on us for your next guitar-related shopping spree:

  • We have both an online store and a brick-and-mortar shop: If you are doing online shopping for guitar picks in Australia, check out the guitar accessory section of our online store. If you are looking for guitar strings in Adelaide, though, feel free to stop by our shop to browse our selection or chat with our very knowledgeable staff.
  • We have been operating for 40 years: Southern Music Centre dates back 40 years. We are one of the longest-running music shops in Adelaide, a fact that is reflected in the experience, knowledge and skill of our team.
  • We have a vast selection of instrument accessories: Our goal as a business is to help musicians find everything they need for recording, performance or simple leisure play. No matter what type of guitar or musical accessory you are seeking, we likely have it in stock. Shop with us to find guitar picks, pick holders, guitar cases, tuners, guitar pickups, pedals, pedal cases, cables, music stands, microphones, amps, audio interfaces, headphones, speakers and much, much more.

How Much Do You Really Know about Guitar Picks in Australia?

As mentioned above, one of the factors that differentiates Southern Music Centre from other shops selling instruments, pedals, cables and guitar pickups in Adelaide is our in-depth knowledge about the craft of music. When you shop with us, you have access to a full range of information and history about the product you are seeking. Even something as seemingly simple as a guitar pick has several factors to consider, such as:

  • The material: Different guitar picks are made out of different materials, which can significantly alter the feel of the pick in your hand. Most picks are plastic, with nylon, celluloid and Delrin being the most common materials. However, even across these three types of plastic picks, you will notice a difference in feel.
  • Weight and design: The most noticeable variations in guitar picks, meanwhile, come with the weight/size and design. There are three main size classes for picks: light, medium and heavy. Light picks use less plastic, are thinner, weigh less and typically have a slightly wider design. They are popular for acoustic playing and are especially good for rhythm guitar/chord strumming. Light picks produce a very bright sound that some players love. Medium picks have a bit more weight to them, which provides players with a little more control than they can typically achieve with light picks. Some guitarists prefer the more substantial feel of the medium pick, which they feel is easier to hold onto (and not drop mid-strum) than a light pick. Heavy picks, finally, are thick and rigid in design and are typically less suited to chordal strumming. These are preferred for picking.
  • Brand: Some guitarists have allegiances to certain brands of picks. These preferences typically build up over time, making it worthwhile to try out a few different picks as you master your guitar playing over the years.

At Southern Music Centre, we can help you explore different materials, brands and sizes of guitar picks in Adelaide.

About Southern Music Centre

Whether you are shopping for a new set of guitar picks online or searching for the right USB microphone in Adelaide, Southern Music Centre can help. With four decades as a music store under our belts—not to mention our on-site music academy, where students can take private guitar, keyboard and drum lessons—we are the ideal spot to shop for guitars, guitar picks or guitar pickups in Australia. Contact us today if you need help finding the right guitar accessory.