Why You Should Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar in Adelaide

At Southern Music Centre, we believe that every music lover and aspiring musician can benefit from learning the acoustic guitar in Adelaide. We stock instruments from some of the world’s leading brands. If you want to create sound effects and mimic your favourite rock bands, you’ll be glad to know we also have an extensive range of electric guitars available. Keep reading below to find out why we think you’d benefit from learning to play a musical instrument.

Benefits of an Acoustic or Electric Guitar in Australia

By learning to play the guitar, whether you choose an acoustic, electric or bass guitar in Adelaide, you can acquire a lifelong skill that will provide endless hours of entertainment, regardless of whether you perform or create music for fun. Other advantages of mastering a musical instrument include:

  • Build confidence: Learning how to play a musical instrument can work wonders for your self-assurance. You’ll quickly see your skills improve if you practice regularly, and this success can filter through to other aspects of your life. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, you can feel confident you’ll be playing some of your favourite songs in no time if you remain disciplined.
  • Improve your concentration: Mastering the guitar requires deep focus and much effort, but all that hard work will prove to be rewarding. Moreover, studies show that playing a musical instrument can boost your concentration. According to researchers at the University of St Andrews, musicians can recognise and rectify mistakes faster than people who don’t play an instrument.
  • Increase your memory capacity: The guitar has the power to change how your brain operates. As you learn to play more and more songs, you’ll increase your memory capacity and sharpen your focus. Research shows that learning a musical instrument can aid in a child’s development. The bottom line is – you’re never too old or young to start playing the guitar.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Electric Guitar in Australia

Here are a few useful pointers to help you maintain, clean and protect your musical instrument:

  • Wipe your strings after playing your electric or classical guitar in Adelaide: Over time, the sweat from your fingers can cause your metal guitar strings to corrode. If you want to prevent premature degradation while ensuring your instrument continues playing smoothly, you should wipe your strings with an old cloth every time you finish practising.
  • Store your guitar in a case: By keeping your guitar stored in a case, you can prevent it from sustaining damage due to falling over. Moreover, storing your instrument correctly stops dust from collecting under the tone knobs and switches.
  • Use compressed air to clean your guitar: It doesn’t take long for dust, skin particles and dirt to gather under your strings and inside your guitar’s electric outlets and knobs. Unfortunately, this collection of dust can spoil your instrument’s sound. We recommend using compressed air to remove dust from your guitar.

Why Southern Music Centre Is Cost-Effective

Even though we only stock guitars from the leading brands, we aim to remain the most competitively priced supplier in Adelaide, and we have products for players of all difficulty levels. Contact our music-loving professionals or visit our store to learn more about our offering.