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Vox MV50 Mini Heads!

Vox MV50 Mini Heads!

Believe the Hype!

The all new MV50 Guitar amps from Vox landed in store at Southern Music this month and we are totally blown away by these things. 

Each unit packs a single NuTube, one of 3 tone stacks (British AC, Rock or Clean) and 50 watts of D Class power into a guitar amp that is the size of a Cheeseburger, and boy are they tasty!

Swing by and have a listen. We've got all 3 models in stock as well as the matching 1x10 or 1x12 cabinets. We have also been running the MV50 Rock through one of our 4x12 cabs which sounds unbelievable. 

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  • Ryan Simm