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New! Fender Rumble Stage and Studio

New! Fender Rumble Stage and Studio

Two great new amps from Fender have just hit the floor. The Fender Rumble Studio 40 and the massive 800-watt Rumble Stage!

The new Rumble Amps take many of the features and technology from the super popular Mustang GT range of guitar amps and hand them over to much deserving bass players! 

Come past the shop and have a play! 

Fresh FX from TC Electronic

Fresh FX from TC Electronic

Well it took them long enough but the good folks at TC Electronic finally made a tremolo pedal! This is great news because there is a has been a serious lack of volume-modulating-vintage-wobbly goodness from many of our other pedal manufacturers of late and the new TC Electronic Pipeline has filled the void nicely. Like everything that TC Electronicdo the pipeline is a feature-rich tone machine. Packed with 3 distinct modes (Vintage, Toneprint & Square) this tremolo can emulate all the classic trem and vibrato circuits reminiscent of classic amps as well as mind bending modern effects never before heard. The pedal also features integrated tap tempo for controlling pulse rate. Utilising the toneprint app on a desktop will also provide a vast array of deep editing features which makes this one of the most versatile tremolos we have seen.

In addition to the pipeline we have also taken delivery of the updated Hall of Fame 2 Reverb and the Flashback Delay/Looper. Both of these pedasl feature TC Electronic's new MASH footswitch, a pressure-sensitive controller that can be programmed to control various parameters of your effects signal. It is basically an integrated expression pedal that saves room on your board and opens up new tonal possibilities for these units.

Swing by the shop and give them a blast!

Fresh Batch of Squier Electrics Just In!

Fresh Batch of Squier Electrics Just In!

The shelves are freshly packed with some brand new Squier Electrics by Fender. 

This week has seen the return of our beloved Surf Green Jaguar. Made to 60's spec this guitar is a comfy 24 inch scale with heaps of tonal variety, perfect for any player. 

Another favourite is the J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster. This beauty comes stock with a few of the standard modifications traditionally made to Jazzmasters such as an adjust-o-matic bridge, increased back angle in the neck pocket and and higher tremolo position for increased sustain and reduced buzzzzz.

The surprise candidate in this shipment is the Affinity Fat Strat in Slick Silver. Although this guitar is one of the lower priced models offered by Squier we were blown away by the authenticity of it's Stratty tone. The colour looks amazing as well. 

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

The latest guitars to grace the floors of Southern Music are the 2017 range of PRS SE instruments. 

For those who are unfamiliar, PRS SE are a range of guitars that have been designed and developed by leading custom guitar man Paul Reed Smith at a super affordable price. Each model compromises of classic set mahogany neck construction with mahogany bodies and a variety of timber caps and finishes. The hardware and pickups have all been designed and developed under the guidance of Paul Reed Smith that result in a range of guitars that sound and play well above their price point.

Our first shipment includes the Custom 22 and 24 models, the Mark Holcomb signature and the LP inspired SE 245. We also ordered a Santana signature but local blues legend Chris Finnen snapped that up already.

Swing by and check out these awesome instruments!

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Positive Grid BIAS Amps

Positive Grid BIAS Amps

Stepping into the powerful world of virtual guitar rig technology, Southern Music welcomes the Positive Grid range of BIAS Amp Match Heads.

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Positive Grid have long been synonomous with high-quality modelled guitar tones and effects. The great range of BIAS iOS tools and software plug-ins offer exceptional tonal variety and flexibility at an awesome price. In order to expand these offerings Positive Grid have released a range of hardwae options that bring the power and flexibility of BIAS to the stage.

This awesome range of products includes the BIAS Head which can sit on top of an existing speaker cabinet and the BIAS Rack which mounts in a standard 2-space rack unit. Both units are professional quality amp modellers and include a 600 watt solid state power amp!

Every BIAS product was conceived with compatibility in mind. Tones sculpted on a phone or tablet can be refined on a studio computer and then downloaded to any of the BIAS hardware devices offering excellent portability and deep editing potential.

Each BIAS amp tone is created by selecting and editing a number of modelled components. This includes tubes, transformers, cabinets and tone stacks. Models are organised into 5 categories clean, glassy, blues, crunch and metal, and there are 5 different virtual vintage tube stages. In short, BIAS has the potential to model any amp, real or imagined.

In addition to virtual modelling, the BIAS amp contains amp match technology that can profile an existing amp. The BIAS software compares the recorded signals of a target amp and a model and adjusts the model so that its output matched that of the target. So leave your vintage Twin at home and store it in the BIAS for your next gig!

For an in depth look at what these amazing amps can do why not come check them out in store!