Positive Grid BIAS Amps

Positive Grid BIAS Amps

Stepping into the powerful world of virtual guitar rig technology, Southern Music welcomes the Positive Grid range of BIAS Amp Match Heads.

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Positive Grid have long been synonomous with high-quality modelled guitar tones and effects. The great range of BIAS iOS tools and software plug-ins offer exceptional tonal variety and flexibility at an awesome price. In order to expand these offerings Positive Grid have released a range of hardwae options that bring the power and flexibility of BIAS to the stage.

This awesome range of products includes the BIAS Head which can sit on top of an existing speaker cabinet and the BIAS Rack which mounts in a standard 2-space rack unit. Both units are professional quality amp modellers and include a 600 watt solid state power amp!

Every BIAS product was conceived with compatibility in mind. Tones sculpted on a phone or tablet can be refined on a studio computer and then downloaded to any of the BIAS hardware devices offering excellent portability and deep editing potential.

Each BIAS amp tone is created by selecting and editing a number of modelled components. This includes tubes, transformers, cabinets and tone stacks. Models are organised into 5 categories clean, glassy, blues, crunch and metal, and there are 5 different virtual vintage tube stages. In short, BIAS has the potential to model any amp, real or imagined.

In addition to virtual modelling, the BIAS amp contains amp match technology that can profile an existing amp. The BIAS software compares the recorded signals of a target amp and a model and adjusts the model so that its output matched that of the target. So leave your vintage Twin at home and store it in the BIAS for your next gig!

For an in depth look at what these amazing amps can do why not come check them out in store!

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  • Ryan Simm