Fresh FX from TC Electronic

Fresh FX from TC Electronic

Well it took them long enough but the good folks at TC Electronic finally made a tremolo pedal! This is great news because there is a has been a serious lack of volume-modulating-vintage-wobbly goodness from many of our other pedal manufacturers of late and the new TC Electronic Pipeline has filled the void nicely. Like everything that TC Electronicdo the pipeline is a feature-rich tone machine. Packed with 3 distinct modes (Vintage, Toneprint & Square) this tremolo can emulate all the classic trem and vibrato circuits reminiscent of classic amps as well as mind bending modern effects never before heard. The pedal also features integrated tap tempo for controlling pulse rate. Utilising the toneprint app on a desktop will also provide a vast array of deep editing features which makes this one of the most versatile tremolos we have seen.

In addition to the pipeline we have also taken delivery of the updated Hall of Fame 2 Reverb and the Flashback Delay/Looper. Both of these pedasl feature TC Electronic's new MASH footswitch, a pressure-sensitive controller that can be programmed to control various parameters of your effects signal. It is basically an integrated expression pedal that saves room on your board and opens up new tonal possibilities for these units.

Swing by the shop and give them a blast!

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  • Ryan Simm